波音停飛737 Max,每架每月?;鹽?000美元,美國網友評論

部落冲突6本布局 www.wipih.icu  Boeing's 737 Max Bills Include $2,000 a Month to Park Each Grounded Jet

波音737 Max賬單包含每月每架2000美元的?;?/strong>

(Bloomberg) -- While regulators contemplate whether Boeing Co.’s 737 Max can safely return to the skies, workers in a California airplane-storage yard keep a careful vigil against earthier concerns.

(彭博社)-- 監管機構在考慮波音737 Max能否順利重返天空,而加州一家機庫的工人們卻有更現實的擔憂。

Crews have sealed 34 Southwest Airlines Co. jets against the Mojave Desert’s sun, wind and sand, as well as insects and birds that can creep into wheel wells and engine air inlets. Southwest declined to discuss the expense, but one industry veteran said such sojourns run about $2,000 a month for each plane -- a small but critical cost amid Boeing’s many looming financial penalties.

工作人員已經封存了34架西南航空的波音737 Max,不讓其被風吹日曬,避開昆蟲和鳥類。昆蟲和鳥類能爬進輪艙和發動機進氣口的。西南航空拒絕談論這筆費用,一位業內資深人士表示,每架飛機每月的?;延迷嘉?000美元——在波音即將面臨諸多罰金之際,這筆費用雖小,但也不容小覷。

The attention lavished now on the planes will help determine how fast the Max get back in the air once a worldwide grounding is lifted.

一旦全球范圍內的停飛解除后,目前對波音 737 Max的妥善維護將確保這些飛機能盡快起飛。


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and it cost $900 per month to park your car at the airport, whhaaa.




"$41.5 billion off its (Boeing's) market value. All because someone software /some-software team did not properly consider sensor data failure! FAA's fault too for not testing for that critical failure also! Or was it that Boeing CEO was rushing everything to get the planes out fast to boost Boeing stock price?

波音市值縮水415億美元,都是因為軟件設計團隊沒有考慮傳感器數據故障! 聯邦航空局也有錯,沒有對這個關鍵故障進行測試! 抑或是波音公司首席執行官急于推出這款飛機以提振公司股價?


N/A2 days ago

Crews being rushed are going to miss things. Boeing QC employees already said things were missed when it wasn't being rushed.




Most people have to cough up more than $2000 for a small place to live.



Kris2 days ago

No surprise. We all know how expensive airport parking is,




Boy only 2k a month. Cheap. I would have charged at least 5k a month.



Scott19 hours ago

No sympathy for Boeing. They chose profits over public safety and hundreds have now died for it.



Blowing Chunksyesterday

No bailout for Boeing!



Neo wannabeyesterday

The Senior exec's should be paying for this debacle.




I'm supposed to have sympathy, $2,000 per month gets you a crummy 1 bed apartment where I live.



Kevin15 hours ago

$2000 to park a jet is kind of a bargain considering it ranges from $500 to $800/mo to park a car for a month in nyc.



Steven12 hours ago

2K a month for something of that size. Doesn't seem out of line to me. I still don't believe anything was wrong with the plane itself. If it developed a glitch in the computer then you disable it and the pilot flies the plane.



Dan21 hours ago

It just takes one more crash for Boeing to die...one more...but for me I ain't flying in any of those flying coffins because they are not stable



Maxcrusader7 hours ago

Two thousand dollars a month parking fee is the going rate for leasing/renting a car parking spot in Manhattan. For a plane, that's a discount rate.



shakinmyhead12 hours ago

2,000 a month seems really cheap!



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